Who am I and what do I do?

I teach you how to dress for work without having to wear a suit.

I teach you how to wear a suit when you need to.

I help you get dressed when you have NO idea what to wear (I still have those days, trust me).

I'll also give you some workout tips every now and then.

Hi, my name is Derwin Hargrave (Jr.) but you can call me DJ. In this big world called the internet, I'm grateful and kinda lucky that you found me. I'll do everything in my power to not disappoint you - I've been pushing myself every day for the past few years to improve your life by sharing my knowledge.

"Successful people in life, like you and me, give off an aura of success by the way we dress and carry ourselves. Its something people get drawn to and find irresistible." - Dj Hargrave

How it all started

I used to be a shy, quiet athlete (I played basketball) in high school with not a lot of confidence in myself. Whenever my team had away games, we used to wear a shirt and tie. Everyone else did this reluctantly, but I looked forward to it because of how amazing I felt walking through the hallways. When I 'dressed up', I had this air of confidence that I was missing in other areas of my life. After having my first job the summer before senior year, I quit the team because I realized that there was more to life than basketball. 

So I thought, now what? I have this obsessive, all-in personality but nothing to keep me busy. Then I thought about how good I felt when I dressed up for game days, so I thought "Maybe I'll do some research about that fashion thing". Every day after school, I went to Barnes and Noble to read fashion publications including GQ, Esquire and Mr. Porter. Sometimes, I'd wear a suit with a bow tie JUST to Barnes & Noble and back home so I could practice what I had been reading. After reading a few books about style and using the money from my first job to build my wardrobe, everything started to change.

Why style is important and how it changed my life

 Building my wardrobe and using the power of dressing well made me a better person. It improved my confidence, encouraged me to get in the gym, and changed the way people looked at me and treated me (including my own friends and family). Last but not least, women love a man who knows how to dress well (hey, I didn't make the rules).

In a nutshell, it changed the way I saw the world and the way the world saw me. I want to pass this knowledge on to you. 

Why listen to me?

I've spent thousands of hours over the past half a decade helping thousands of people (and a few strangers) build their wardrobe in person and over the internet.

I have sold custom suits door to door, helping bankers, executives and entrepreneurs build a suit wardrobe from nothing. I have worked several retail jobs helping everyone from 70 year old men get dressed for a wedding, to helping teenagers pick out back to school outfits. I have helped young men straight out of college build a foundation for their first year in the corporate world. I have helped 30 to 40 year olds take their suit game 'to the next level' with the encouragement of their spouses.  

I'm passionate about helping people improve their personal and professional lives through style. EVERY post on this website and on social media is meant to help you.

I'm pretty damn good at what I do. I've been lucky enough to model, blog for, and collaborate through campaigns with my favorite brands that I have loved growing up. Coach, Banana Republic, rue21, EXPRESS, and Urban Outfitters are among a few of them. You can see the full list here

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