For the Love of Floral

Real men wear floral prints. That's right, we've just graduated from the minor league of the male ego (accepting the color pink) and moved on to the big leagues. If you enjoy warm weather, green grass, and getting compliments, then this is the next step on your style improvement journey.

There's just something about the stylish man who defies society's stigmas. For years, floral prints have been associated with the female wardrobe, not because of the flowers themselves, but because of color. That's right, flowers are more visually appealing when they're bright, vibrant, and enhance the beauty of nature or the wearer of floral garments.

This is what tricks men into thinking they don't belong in floral territory.

So, how can you incorporate floral prints into your occasional (not daily) spring/summer look? Well, pastels have been used the most when it comes to women's clothing, especially floral print dresses. What happens when you replace those warm, soft pastels with darker colors such as navy, burgundy, and olive green? Does it make you look like a girl? No. Does it stand out as a masculine, in-season statement piece? Yes.

WAIT, close that browser tab before you buy that floral print blazer from ____. They're out of stock? I rest my case, but let me remind you; that's not the way to go for your first floral piece. Before you cringe at yourself in the mirror in a floral jacket or pair of pants, you'll want to incorporate floral prints into your wardrobe subtly. This is for two reasons:

 1) You'll want to become comfortable in them. Even for me, when I first bought this piece from J Crew (my first floral garment), I was reluctant the first, second, and even third time that I wore it! Even if you only have an eighth of the 'alpha' gene in you, your'e going to think twice before wearing floral prints.

2) You'll have better use of a floral shirt or pair of socks due to the versatility. You can do much more with a floral shirt than you can with a garden-like blazer. Below you can see how I put a look together around a floral shirt.

Blazer: Zara

Shirt & Pocket Square: J Crew

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Joseph Abboud

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


Photo Credits: Joseph Worrell, @jo_worrell (instagram)


Do you have any floral pieces? Would you ever wear floral prints? Ladies, how do you feel about men wearing floral prints? Have a post idea that you want to see on the blog? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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