March Madness: 3 Stylish Combos You Can't Live Without This Month

February is finally over and we all know what that means! Spring is getting closer! With March comes unpredictable weather that you won’t see coming. It’s the madness of March at it’s finest but your style can prepared for the type of weather March brings to you. Without any doubts, I present to you 3 stylish combos that will be kickass for this month!

Blazer and a White Tee

 The most basic combo when it comes to style but it’s super effective. You can never go wrong with a navy blazer and a white tee. There are so many other combinations you can create from just the basis of this. Treat this like a blank canvas and go crazy!

Fitted Polo and Suit.

If Justin Bieber can pull this off, so can you! His new GQ cover and story was pretty fantastic. He reintroduced the fitted polo and suit combo in 2016. Like it ever left. The fitted polo and suit combination will give your spring style a new flavor it’s been craving for.


Superstar Adidas and Everything

The White, black stripped Superstar Adidas have been an OG sneaker since Run DMC WALKED THIS WAY! *Steven Tyler voice* The shoe has found it’s way back into the hearts of trendsetters and stylist across the globe. They pair well with any slim suit, sweats or casual wear. It’s a must have in your wardrobe. The great thing about them is they’ll never go out of style.

Image: asos

March isn’t as mad as you think, right? These 3 stylish combos will keep you stylish and also help with the elements to a certain degree. There are plenty more combinations to help you get through March without missing a beat of your own style but starting with the basics can help develop that for the years to come. Keep it fresh trendsetters! As Always Be Great, Be Stylish, Be Urbnwood.




A HUGE thank you to DJ of Tailor Made-Style for granting me the opportunity to express my style through this feature on his site! It’s truly an honor!


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