The Leather Monk Strap: 5 Days, 5 Ways Part 2

Quality and versatility are at the top of the food chain when building a wardrobe. At times (in fact, most of the time), investing in quality means the price may be a little hefty. So how do you make the most of your current situation while building a wardrobe? By making sure that every day you're recycling different pieces of your wardrobe that compliment different looks. This week, our first example of how to make this happen is with the double monk strap and how to wear it Monday through Friday.

Its Tuesday, your first day of getting caught up on last week's tasks are over. Now its time to get out there on the playing field and balance meetings with errands to set you up for a great week. I'm not sure if you've checked your weather app lately, but its far from dress shirt appropriate outside temperature wise. Do you not have a choice sometimes? No. Its not worth the lost of respect in your work place, or even worse - the lost potential of a promotion. 

Do you have a choice today? Of course. You're entrepreneurial, you're a hustler, you're "making moves" which means you have to stay cool while doing so. This means its time to replace the sticky, often heavy burden of a dress shirt with a tee. A blazer can dress up any look up, so going with dark denim and a dark blazer will give a formal illusion. This is the type of look that you can feel comfortable in - from a bar to a museum in Paris, to a coffee meeting with a client. 


Blazer: Gant - $325.00

Shirt: H&M - $9.99

Jeans: The Unbranded Brand - $82.00

Watch: Timex - $60.00

Messenger Bag: LL Bean - $199.00

Pen: Ystudio - $100 (You don't need a hundred dollar pen...or even one that's half the price. The point is to make sure you invest in your brand in your professional life)

DJ Hargrave is a menswear blogger and founder of Tailor Made Style. HIs goal is to empower others to become the strongest version of themselves through their style and helping them be informed by what's going on in the menswear world. You can find him on Instagram and Snapchat @tailormadedj