Greensboro Fashion Week Team Photoshoot

Since joining Greensboro Fashion Week 3 years ago, its been quite the roller coaster. I've learned so much about putting on an event, let alone a fashion week, that buying a ticket and witnessing any event in the world will never be the same for me. Your whole thought process changes? Why did they decide to do things this way? Why weren't there people back there instructing us on where to go? What's going on backstage?

Aside from the 4845415 that run through your head when putting on an event, cool things do happen like the photo shoot on Sunday. It was at Revolution Mills, a trillion square foot old warehouse which was turned into a $125 million space for businesses and artists to have a work space. I googled 'GQ' poses for a little help, but that'll be our little secret.

From there we went to Cafe' Europa in downtown Greensboro to drink beer + wine and talk business. It was in the heart of downtown Greensboro where an orchestra was having a free concert and the weather was perfect.

 I'll be vlogging and snapchatting at fashion week events so make sure you follow @djhargrave on Snapchat for the journey. 

Derwin "DJ" Hargrave is a menswear enthusiast whose career began in high school after discovering his passion for helping men dress better. Since then he has made men's style simple for thousands of men in person and over the internet. You can follow him on Instagram and Snapchat @djhargrave