Greensboro Fashion Week "The Preview"

What's up! I'm glad you stopped by today because today's post is different.

See, recently I've been brainstorming and I'm currently in the process of re-branding Tailor Made Style, so the content's been pretty close to "E" recently. Its actually a good thing, because now I'll be sharing more of my life with you guys. I started to realize that I'm always in front of the camera wearing whatever was sent to me, but there wasn't too much of a personal story to go with the (quite handsome) face.

Now let's get to the good part - I'm fortunate enough to be the official blogger of Greensboro Fashion Week, which means I get to be a part of a lot of cool experiences. When I first got the internship, I started out blogging by myself. Now when fashion week rolls around, I'm usually managing a small team of bloggers and making sure that people who have never heard of GSOFW know about it. Sounds simple, but it's not that easy. 

About two weeks ago we had a summer preview show, aka the longest day of my life. It was exciting nonetheless and the content below does more justice to describe it than anything I could possibly type. After hanging out at a salon all day, we were shuttled over to the show's venue in 2017 Jaguars, GMC's and Land Rovers (I really meant it when I said "cool experiences"). After that came the show, and the designs you see below + the fluidity of the show spoke for itself.

I can't wait to share GSOFW with you guys in September - being a part of a fashion week has been life changing and hopefully I can bring a table spoon of fashion week to you through this screen.