How to Mean Business on the Weekends

Being ready to close a deal even on the weekends isn't such a bad habit to have. With a minimalist look like this one by Franko Dean, its easier than ever to create a look that says 'I could use a food truck festival right about now, but I'm still a closer'.

Roll Up

The most original move a man can make in his weekend outfit is to roll up his sleeves whenever possible. This also applies to tee shirts (unless you're not ready to be on the status of a J.Crew Model) but we'll save that for another post.

You'll see that Franko applies a pretty tight, double summer pant leg roll which allows the silhouette of his slim pants to do their job while showing off a slick pair of laceups.

The Go-To Color Palette 

White, black, and grey are the peanut butter and jelly of your wardrobe - when you don't know what to go with, they're simple colors that always go well together no matter what. Whether you're talking about tailoring or a casual weekend look, all you need is the right fit for a compelling look for any occasion. 

All photos are from featuring menswear blogger Franko Dean. You can find him on Instagram @frankodean