How to Style The Chelsea Boot

If you've spent 5 seconds on the "Explore" page on Instagram in the last few months, you'd know that Chelsea boots are at a peak in street style. You don't need to be a buff, 6'3 guy in the inner city with slick hair to style a pair of chelsea boots this summer. 

They're the ultimate combination of a classy and 'rockstar' approach to a man's casual style. Here are some key take aways from this video by the Combatant Gentleman.

1) You can dress them up or down

Denim is always the way to go when rocking a pair of chelsea's. Pick out your favorite casual button down, roll up the sleeves, and cuff your pants to add some height and create an elongated silhouette that's ready for a night out with friends or a casual date.

Based on the color chelsea boot you go with, pick a tie, shirt, and blazer that compliments them well for a dinner date or an event in a business casual setting.

2) Stack House

Chelsea boots are a pretty sharp piece to make a statement with - literally. The benefit of stacking your jeans (not sagging - stacking is related to the fit of the jeans) is that it creates a look that's easy on the eyes and takes away the intimidating factor of the chelsea boot.

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This post is not in affiliation with the Combatant Gentleman