How to Take The Perfect Chestie

We can all use a jump start in stepping up our Instagram game - but not in the way that your friends try to. Needless to say, its time to lose the bar pics with the 'bros' and views of the sunset... its time to express your style and attention to detail by mastering the chestie.

Its a great way to not only set yourself apart on a follower's timeline, but to challenge yourself on how well you can improve your attention to detail and find great lighting. Menswear influencer Gio Serna from Dapper Apprentice has all of the major keys to curating the perfect chestie.

1) Find the perfect lighting

2) Don't just cross your arms - mix it up

3) Relate to your followers - not everyone wears a suit every day

Again, you can find more chesties by Gio on his blog Dapper Apprentice and on Instagram @gioserna_

Written by: DJ Hargrave

DJ Hargrave is a menswear influencer and founder of Tailor Made Style. His goal as an influencer and blogger is to empower others to become the strongest version of themselves through their style. You can find him on Instagram and Snapchat @tailormadedj