How to Wear Your Favorite Blazer After You Clock Out

The Scenario

You just clocked out after a long day of work and you're wearing a blazer. What are you wearing it with? Its probably paired with an odd pair of trousers (by odd I mean non-matching, not 'that' kind of odd), a shirt that's the polar opposite of what you'd wear to a night club, and a clean pair of lace ups. You have an event to go to afterwards, therefore there's only one question that needs to be answered - a question that man has asked since he first dressed himself: How do I look presentable with the least amount of effort?

Take the time - its worth it

Most men just stick with the same outfit from function to function throughout the day. Why? The effort - but by taking 60 seconds to change into a different pair of trousers or shoes before an after-work event, its not only an effortless change but you'll look good effortlessly. 

This is where not only your favorite pair of blazer comes into play, but the darkest wash denim that you can find in your closet. Denim is a man's second best friend. You can one up your 'bros' that are in a button down shirt and jeans but throwing on a blazer with a flattering pocket square. You can also be prepared for a date night with a streamlined look - whether you want to stick with lace ups or go with a pair of trainers. 

What to wear?