Styled by DJ: Khaki Chinos

Everyone seems to be obsessed with khakis these days. What's the big deal? To your surprise, there is a big deal behind all of the 'basic-ness'. I'm not sure if you took psychology or studied color theory, but you're going to learn a thing or two about it to day. Brown, which is a necessary color to make khaki, is a color that represents stability and structure. This explains why men are huge fans of khaki shorts and pants - wallah! End of story.

So, how can you wear khakis without it being, well... ridiculously boring? Spice things up by catching a bit of inspiration from the two looks below. Look 1 is dressed down, look 2 is dressed up - pick your poison.

Look 1

Leather Jacket: Zara | Shirt: H&M | Styling Gel: Crew | Cologne: Diptyque | Boots: Topman |

Look 2

Penny Loafers:  FRYE | Tie: David Fin Ties | Glasses: Lens Crafters | Laptop Case: Cenzo |  Dress Shirt: Uniqlo | Blazer: Gant Rugger

DJ Hargrave is a menswear blogger and founder of Tailor Made Style. HIs goal is to empower others to become the strongest version of themselves through their style and helping them be informed by what's going on in the menswear world. You can find him on Instagram and Snapchat @tailormadedj