The Best Dressed NBA Players In The Playoff Race

Stephen Curry's back, we're inching towards the NBA finals, and OKC is still in the race. Why does this matter?

1) The league's most exciting player is back in action

2) The most exciting time of the season is around

3) The most exciting outfits of the year are bound to be seen in the next few weeks.

That's why we're rounding off the best dressed players still in the playoff race.

Dwayne Wade

He's carrying a team on his back, along with clothing that costs more than a month's rent for us. He's a man who knows style and fashion according to Esquire. He knows exactly how to hit the arena like he's hitting the runway.

Team: Miami Heat

Jersey Number: 3

Position: Guard


Stephen Curry

When you're the face of EXPRESS, there isn't much you can do wrong style wise. Like the brand, Curry brings a modern edge to the every day guy's uniform. His best asset is knowing how to layer a blazer over t-shirts and henleys.

Team: Golden State Warriors

Jersey Number: 30

Position: Guard

image: brightbazaar

Russell Westbrook

Have you heard the saying about people who we were consider geniuses, were often called crazy during their lifetime? That describes the life and times of Russell Westbrook. If you're not familiar with him, just google "Russell Westbrook style" and read a few blogs about his rebellious outfit choices. At the end of the day, this guy gets the last laugh because he knows style. 

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Jersey Number: 0

Position: Guard


Lebron James

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Jersey Number: 23

Position: Pretty much every position there is

From an array of stylish hats to well-fitting suits, Lebron has a reputation as a game-changer on and off the court. Sometimes you'll find him in unique patterns and stylish boots, sometimes in a sharp suit like this shade of blue you should invest in (if you didn't hear, navy is out)

Draymond Green

Draymond Green's presence is felt more than ever in the league, and his style presence has grown as well. 

Team: Golden State Warriors

Jersey Number: 23

Position: Forward

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