The Black Panther Movie Premiere- The Best Display of Non-Traditional Tailoring This year

The red carpet is normally when we see traditional tailoring displayed at it's best. Black tuxedos, midnight blue blazers, black bow ties and subtle details flood the red carpet. There was nothing subtle about the tailoring displayed (with one exception) at the Black Panther Premiere, specifically from Donald Glover and and Chadwick Bosman. With this being the first black Marvel movie, there's a ton of buzz around this movie and the leading men dressed like they knew it. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the premiere...

Shine Bright Like a...

Timeless Tailoring


Donald Glover has been making power style moves for the past year or so, especially with his recent red carpet looks in late 2017 and early 2018. What I love about what these men did with their looks is that they continued the wave of "in your face" tailoring at the Red Carpet.

Orange is having a moment in men's outerwear (arguably the biggest up and coming category in menswear) and to see Mr. Glover translate it onto the runway is refreshing. The embroidery on the chest adds a personal touch, and the black loafers were the perfect anchor. Common advice on fashion blogs is to stay away from anything bold when wearing an avant-garde suit like this, but in this case wearing a patterned shirt worked because it blends into the dark buttons and chest embroidery well

Classic tailoring always has its place on a red carpet. Everything about the two outfits above from the perfect fit, the dark silhouette, to the sunglasses that only the most powerful men in the room can wear were worth a million bucks. The gold detailing in Michael B. Jordan's collar is one of those head turning details, and of course, double breasted midnight blue/dark navy will always look handsome. Brown's decision to go with a black turtleneck with a suit is everything I could possibly ask for - it's the move that every man with a sense of style seems to be making right now.

Derwin "DJ" Hargrave is a menswear enthusiast whose career began in high school after discovering his passion for helping men dress better. Since then he has made men's style simple for thousands of men in person and over the internet. You can follow him on Instagram and Snapchat @djhargrave