The Most Stylish T-Shirt You'll Wear All Summer

The New Tee

The evolution of different pieces of menswear is a fun thing to watch. Jeans have gotten tighter, blazers are getting shorter, now T-shirts are getting longer. The long t-shirt is a great way to switch up your classic t-shirt styles and is a great way to introduce the 'street wear' genre into your wardrobe (if you aren't on the ripped jeans and intimidating black leather jackets level yet).

The Fit

This is the one shirt where its ok for it to look like a dress (disclaimer: the shirt still wouldn't be long enough to be a dress). Your updated version of the t-shirt should extend to the middle of your zipper or lower, as opposed to your typical t shirt that comes to the top of your zipper or the bottom of your belt buckle. Of course, the ideal sleeve length is halfway between your elbow and the top of your shoulder. 

More curls = higher sleeve length. 

Denim Daze

Jeans and joggers are your two best prospects when deciding what to wear with a long t-shirt. Because the stacked look of the well-fitting jeans adds to the elongating look of a long shirt, I almost always go with jeans.

When wearing joggers with a long shirts, pulling up your joggers a few inches (similar effect to cuffing your jeans) is a great way to create a high-low look.

The Extras

Your swagger and confidence are the two most important accessories to pair with a long t-shirt. Remember, this is a relatively new trend, so the average person has never seen one of these before. 

The details such as a flannel tied around your waist, a cool pair of summer shades, and a rock-star pair of chelsea boots are all you need and can be done on a budget. By buying a few combinations, you'll have several choices for casual weekend looks this summer.

This is a sponsored post in affiliation with rue21 and the t-shirt + jeans were gifted to me by the brand.