Top 5 Lessons That Millennials Can Learn From Gary Vaynerchuk

Father, hustler, entrepreneur, author, investor.

Yes, the "hustler" title comes before everything else. @Garyvee is known across the world for his work ethic, being formally known as America's Wine Guy, and an angel investor in today's top tech startups. Fresh out of college, Gary grew his family's wine business and took it from $3M to $60M in revenue.

Afterwards, he went on to start Vayner Media, a social media brand consulting agency that works with some of the top corporations in the world including Spotify, Budweiser, Sonic and more. With four books under his belt and a lifetime (literally) of business experience, "Gary Vee" brings practical advice, a bit of motivation, and inspiration to anyone chasing their dream - not just entrepreneurs

After following Gary Vee's content for about 6 months, I've learned that his core values stick. Here are ten lessons you can learn from Vaynerchuk:

Know Yourself

The most important lesson to bring more peace, consistency, and overall fluidity in your life is knowing yourself. Little did you know that self awareness is one of the key factors in doing well in business too. If you're a millennial straight out of college wanting to start a huge company when you'd be more successful as a freelancer - the learning curve will be longer and you could struggle. 

Know your strengths and double down on them. End of story.

Pay Your Dues

Understand the importance of not chasing short-term gratification. With the current state of the internet, so many people are chasing the short term dollar and taking advantage of people for it. You're in your late teens/early 20's, so your name is all you've got - how do you want people to remember it? There's no greater time than now to intern for free, learn the game, and struggle now so you can win BIG time down the road.

Give without expecting anything in return

Us millennials get a lot of shots fired at us because of the sense of entitlement that we feel (Not sure who came up with that theory, but that's the paradigm in society). With that being said, realize that when you give give give without expecting anything in return, you'll always win. You may just be getting started in the 'real world' but as long as you have a mind, body, energy and time, then you have something to give.

Don't Complain

Gary says that one of the surest signs that someone is not a winner is that they complain. I shouldn't even have to elaborate in paragraph form on this. Don't be one of those stereotypical twenty somethings who watches Netflix every day then complains about how hard it is for someone your age. Go hustle!

Don't waste your life not doing what you love

With social media and the wide range of opportunities available today, there's no excuse to not be trying to make the best use of your passion and what you love. Work a 9-5? Good, spend 7pm-2am doing the thing you love until you can kick the 9 to 5 to the curb. As millennials, we're at a point in our lives where everyone around us expects us to do what would make them proud of us.

Gary often talks about how he's spent a ton of time with people in their 80's and 90's, asking them to reflect on their lives. They almost always start their story with 'I wish'. If you do what's safe, what your fellow graduates are doing, or what your mommy and daddy want you to do, you're going to grow up as one of those people saying 'I wish'. 

"I think we only live one time, and we don't act like it" - Gary Vaynerchuk

All images and video are from Gary Vaynerchuk's youtube channel and website.