What Colors Should You Wear This Spring? (On The Weekends)

Remember those two Bonobos shirts I introduced you to in this post? Well there are 15535925 options on Bonobos' website that I wasn't able to tell you guys about. Brb, I might just start another blog about Bonobos because what else is a guy like me supposed to do. Bonobos was founded by Stanford housemates Andy Dunn and Brain Spaly, but the versatility of their brand can be found in the wardrobes of young men over here on the east coast, to down in Texas and all the way back to Cali. 

Bonobos is such a young company and they started taking off around the same time that my curiosity of men's fashion did. I shared with you guys my favorite colors for spring in terms of suits, but now its time to share my favorite (and trending) casual colors for spring. You may even find a few pieces that you can mix and match between casual and suited looks. Floral print shirts are a great example. 

Pastel Pink

Olive Green

Heather Grey

Let me know what colors you'll be wearing this season in the comments!

This post is not sponsored by Bonobos and I am not making commission from the links in this post. However, this post is affiliated with Bonobos

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