Where are the Men's Fashion Bloggers?

Who doesn't have a blog these days?

Its free, fun, and you can put as much time into it as you'd like to into it. If you go searching for a style blog these days, you'll mostly find blogs for women; and by mostly I mean at least 80-90%. In the fashion industry, women dominate. There are more of them, so more clothes are made for them, leaving the rest of the fabric and creative energy for menswear. That's a pretty vague statement, but it represents a truth!

The same reasons that women's fashion is more popular than men's fashion, are the same reasons that there are more women's style blogs than men's style blogs. Here are a few reason why men's style blogs are becoming more important (and why we need more). 


Blogging is so important because we strengthen the relationship between brands and customers. Plus, if someone wants to know what to wear to a certain event or how to put an outfit together, they don't want to go to large websites with 'How To's'. They want to go to someone (bloggers) they can trust and that provides content for inspiration, not for business and marketing purposes.


Especially in online stores, menswear has literally grown to the point where New York has it's own official Fashion Week for men (July, 2015). There's a growing supply of menswear, causing for a greater demand in advice and inspiration for newbies and fashionisto's looking to upgrade their wardrobe. I've had several people reach out to me for advice on starting a style blog, and this is exciting news for me because the demand is only going to get higher. Growth, growth, growth.

Short Attention Span

I wish I were kidding, but I myself don't enjoy reading long articles on trends or style advice in general. Most menswear blogs are visually-driven, and men want to be able to scroll through pictures and get straight to the point. How do I style a lapel pin? What are the best ways for me to dress down a suit after work?

Visuals > Words

Why aren't there as many men's fashion blogs?

There's still a lingering belief that dressing up isn't 'ok' for men. Of course for the ones who embrace fashion confidently, there isn't as much obvious negative energy targeted towards them. Think about how most women's fashion blogs start: they dress up every day, people tell them they look good while they know it themselves, so they decide to share their experience and insight with the world.

With guys, the story stops at "People telling them they look good and they know it themselves". After that, there's little tolerance for putting themselves 'out there' as a fashionisto, style guy, or whatever cheesy nickname you want to give them. I get these nicknames involuntarily all the time, but I embrace them because its a part of who I am. 

I don't think stylish men are ashamed of who they are, there's just still a barrier that needs to be broken of expressing themselves to the world. Vulnerability is viewed as a weakness for men, and putting yourself 'out there' online is the purest form of vulnerability (next to going nude in public..or something of that extreme nature). 

If you're looking for insight on starting a blog or don't know where to start, shoot me an email and we'll get you started. Are you the next men's style blogger? What are some of your favorite menswear blogs? Let me know in the comments below.