3 Reasons Why Being A Menswear Influencer Isn't So Glamorous

This is not a debbie downer post - but a post of the truth. In the world of social media, instant gratification, and the ability to 'buy followers' (barf) its easier than ever to think that because you have a laptop and a decent camera that its time to follow your calling as a menswear blogger.

The problem is that, well... its not everyone's calling. 

Its possible for anyone, but the amount of effort, energy (physical and mental) and time put into it is grossly underestimated. We have to acknowledge that there's a huge difference between building a personal brand and being a blogger. 

1) Consistency

The hardest part about anything - whether it be a relationship or starting a business is consistency. You can't have 10/10 customer service on days when you feel like it. Your business is a machine and its expected to run like a business 24/7, 365. 

The same principle applies to your blog. If you post 3-4 times in one week, then skip 2 weeks, your readership will notice and they'll know that this is not a reliable source for style inspiration throughout their week. When it comes to social media, the pressure is even higher to be consistent because your hour of fame only lasts for so long. After that, you have to churn out quality content to keep your followers engaged and stay relevant.

Running a blog is a habit. Having to plan and schedule social media posts, write, make sure the technicalities on the blog are running smoothly, edit photos, meet with photographers, manage brand relationships, network, contribute to other websites, all while staying creative cannot be things that become chores - they become a way of life.

2) The Wrong Reasons 

85% of bloggers quit blogging after 3 months. Why? Well, that's the answer. Whatever your "why" is for doing something will determine how long you'll keep working at it. Everything almost always relates back to the concept of instant gratification. You don't really have to label yourself as an 'influencer' to get free product, yet so many people find themselves getting into the space for that reason.

All of the glamorous perks come after years of hard work and dedication.  Guess what? It still takes talent. Its easy to tell people that "hard work pays off" and "you can do anytihng as long as you never give up". The harsh reality is that if you're not talented enough in producing content, then the end result will be disappointing. 

3)  The Investment

This is probably the #1 reason why influencers rave about not being paid by brands. It takes a tremendous investment to start and run a blog; from paying for web hosting to buying the clothes you wear in front of the camera. Let's be honest, you only have so many clothes in your closet. Until you get to a point to where you don't have to pay for clothes any more due to sponsorship and gifts from brands, it'll take a pretty hefty investment on your part.


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Written by: DJ Hargrave

DJ Hargrave is a menswear influencer and founder of Tailor Made Style. His goal as an influencer and blogger is to empower others to become the strongest version of themselves through their style. You can find him on Instagram and Snapchat @tailormadedj