Why Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Outfit Makes Sense

A lot of people were confused by Justin Timberlake's super bowl outfit. I have received several messages on Instagram (I'm not much of a salesman, but make sure you follow me on The Gram) asking questions like: why was there a picture on his shirt? What's up with that paint splat window pane on his jacket? Why are his top and bottom matching when it's not a real suit? I even sat in a room of 10 people as these questions were being asked, but the super bowl wasn't long enough for me to go into detail so I decided to answer a few of those questions in a brief post for you.

Fun Fact: Paul McCartney (from The Beatle’s) daughter is the designer who dressed JT for the super bowl

1. Why are his top and bottom matching when it's not a real suit?

Answer:The New Age Suit

A lot of designers are making suits where the top and bottoms match (like a business suit would), except using casual pieces like nylon jackets and pants with zippers to create a suit-like look. The gap between street wear and high fashion is closing, and what do you see a lot of in men's runway shows? Suits. So what do you do? You take a street wear look and make a single color suit out of it.


2. Why was there a picture on his shirt?

Answer: Classic Americana

Classic Americana (Country/Western style) was a big trend at last month’s mens fashion weeks, which explains the red bandanna and the deer-gazing-into-the-distance- graphic on his shirt that McCartney used to represent the trend. Will it be on the racks of retailers at your favorite mall soon? Probably not. What I can say is that you may see more denim, bigger belts and cowboy references in the coming year(s).

3. Why was he wearing sneakers with a 'suit'?

Answer: Don't Take Your Suit Too Seriously

Conservative sneakers with suits has been a big trend for the past few years, but now sneaker brands that you see every day (Nikes, Jordans, vans) are being worn with suits in on the streets of big cities, in editorial spreads and on blogs more often. It will be interesting to see how far menswear is willing to take this trend over the next few years. Will suits never be the same?

Derwin "DJ" Hargrave is a menswear enthusiast whose career began in high school after discovering his passion for helping men dress better. Since then he has made men's style simple for thousands of men in person and over the internet. You can follow him on Instagram (@derwinhargrave) and Snapchat @tailormadedj